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WOD 1 (Amanda & Roger)

‘Obstacle Challenge’
Sledge Hammer Drive
Military Jug Farmer Carry (30m)
Fire Extinguisher Carry (20m)
Maverick Wall of Shame (Rx Vo2 Max awaits on other side of wall)
Tire Flips (3)
Monkey Bars
Bungee Low Crawl
30m Sprint to the Finish

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WOD 2 (Marine SSgt. Javier O. Ortiz)

DL Ladder (3 attempts: 1 min to load weight, 1 min to attempt lift)
*Burpee Bar Jump-Overs (Tie Breaker)

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WOD 3 (Firefighter Shawn O’Dare)

Skill: Sniper Shot (Paint Ball target shooting testing accuracy, after 10th shot Hero moves on)
*Back up plan is a Grenade Launch – 5 distances, 2 attempts each, tossing in a small tire or similar target)
Strength: 50m Yoke Carry with plates and a dummy (Individuals)
50m Hummer Pull or Push with 3 dummies in Hummer
Stamina: 100m Dummy Carry

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WOD 4 (Officer Jose Somohano)

4 FS (Rx 205/115, Sx 165/95)
7 Burpee Pull-ups (Rx C2B, Sx women burpees)
10 Box Jump Overs (30/24/20)
400m Buy Out for Time

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Wod 5 ( Lieutenant Dewey F. Henry)

Skill: Rope Climb Challenge (1 at 10’ – 2 @ 15’ – 3 @ 20’, Rx – Vest, Sx women Inverted Climbs to 6’ mark)
Strength: Keg Toss (3 attempts for distance)
Stamina: Log Carry for Distance

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WOD 6 ( Navy Seal Chris Kyle)

Chris “Devil of Ramadi” Kyle TOTAL REPS = 160 (Confirmed Kills) 10 signifies his years in service
10 DL (255/160 – 160/105) Confirmed Kills / Claimed Kills
50 OH Lunges (45/25 , 35/15)
40 Sit-Ups
30 HR Push-ups / Push-ups
20 Shoulder to OH (Rx-165/Sx-115/Women-95)
10m Low Crawl
For Time (10 minute cap) *6-8 Heroes in each Heat, Athletes are responsible for stripping weight this WOD

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